Amy Updike at-home Kettlebell Workout

Amy Updike

Got 20 minutes for a workout at home?? Of course, you do!! This Kettlebell workout can be done anywhere and will be sure to get you sweating!

Amy started by taking 1 scoop of the Her Amino Burner (Mango Passion) from NLA for HER for energy and to maximize fat loss.

Circuit the following exercises for 4 rounds taking a 1 min break in between each round.
KB swings for 1 minute
Squat to upright row for 1 minute
10 KB presses into 10 skull crushers
20 heavy straight legged deadlifts (if you have a heavy KB otherwise use regular one for 30 seconds)
20 heavy KB swings (or regular weight for 30 seconds) 
15 single calf raises on a stair (each leg) while holding KB
Good Luck!! 

In this video, she is using the 12-kg cast iron KB and the 30 kg (orange) Competition KB from @kettlebellsusa